You won’t believe this tea-seller is also an author of 24 best-selling books!

Meet Laxman Rao – a roadside chaiwala (tea seller) at Delhi and also an author of 24 books so far; consisting Hindi novels, plays, literature and philosophy. Born in the year 1952 at a village in Amravati district, Maharashtra, he always wanted to be an author. In the beginning when he went to the publishers, they rejected his books to publish, however he did not lose his passion, he went ahead and established his own publication house ‘BHARTIYA SAHITYA KALA PRAKASHAN’ and published his first novel ‘NAYI DUNIYA KI NAYI KAHANI’ in 1979. Then, he never looked back. Now, he sells books online as well as beside his tea stall on roadside of ITO area in Delhi. He wanted to stop selling tea and engage in full time writing, however he could not do it due to lack of income via selling books.

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